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Who We Are


White Rhino Productions is a film company for the next generation. We plan to revolutionize the film industry both on and offscreen, learning from the mistakes and successes from the previous generation of story tellers. Our first priority is the health, safety, and happiness of our team. We make it a point to pay livable wages to every individual regardless of role; and we work to make our sets a place of uncensored creativity and comfort. Our company believe’s that this atmosphere will help us to create films with beating hearts, as the emotion, joy, and care put into production is reflected onto the screen.

The films we make combine the hyper-realistic style of filmmakers like Agnes Varda with the technology of the present. Our goal is to create deeply personal, relatable films creating a completely immersive experience. Through our stories, we wish to highlight the complexity, interconnectedness, and commonality between people and communities. White Rhino is a team comprised of young adults. As members of gen z, there is no one better equipped to tell stories about and for gen z than the people that are a part of this generation. Our generation demands that the entertainment industry do better and we are dedicated to telling to stories that are typically underrepresented in the media.

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